W.K. Dahms: First For Precision Placement Equipment

W.K. Dahms Mfg. Ltd. is the world’s leading designer and builder of mobile aggregate placement equipment. Our founder, W. Keith Dahms, was the first to develop an innovative solution to the on-going problem of transporting and precisely placing aggregate materials by way of a high-speed outboard rear conveyor mounted directly on the truck body. This was the first and original Stone Slinger™.

Saving time & money for customers

The launch of the Stone Slinger™ made laborious, costly wheelbarrow methods obsolete and introduced a new era of precision aggregate placement. From construction sites to playgrounds to flood control projects, Stone Slinger™ customers are still finding new ways to save time and money with the precision placement of materials ranging from gravel and sand to compost and wood fiber.

40 years of leadership

From the beginning, W.K. Dahms committed to delivering dependable, durable products based on leading edge design, premium materials and skilled-trades people.

As a family business, now in our third generation, we take pride in quality work and strong relationships throughout our business. Our experienced staff and our carefully selected distributor network work together to ensure exceptional customer service and aftermarket care. We strive to meet specialized requirements with innovative solutions.

After more than 40 years of continuous development, Stone Slinger™ continues to set the pace for efficiency and reliability.

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