Stone Slinger™ OS7 Specifications

Hopper Capacity: 7 cu/yd

Basic Body Dimension

  • Body (LxWxH): 260” x 102”’ x 108”
  • Loading Height: 74”
  • Net Weight: 18,600 lbs (8437 kg)

Conveyor Placement System:

  • 32” apron chain centers, 26” wide live-bottom unloading system
  • 19’ throw conveyor c/w W.K. Dahms ½” high cleat belt

Drive system

  • CAT C4.4TA (Tier 4F) 131 HP, fuel efficient self-contained diesel power with direct coupled hydraulic pumps
  • Engine and system control via Hetronic / Sauer Danfoss CANBUS
  • Danfoss closed loop piston pumps and motors on drive system
  • Danfoss variable displacement pumps and load sense valves on Stone Slinger functions
  • Planetary gearbox with direct coupled hydraulic motor on swing frame for conveyor rotation
  • 4 steering modes controlled via transmitter ~ front, rear, articulated & crab

Standard Features:

  • Super-Shield™ Power Drive matches conveyor speed for improved control
  • Double pivot swing frame with 250° degree working pivot radius
  • Low overall profile to access indoor work sites
  • Hopper wing extensions reduce material spillage and waste; feed with larger loaders and excavators

Download complete specifications for the Stone Slinger OS7 here

Stone Slinger Material Placement System

New, from the creators of the original Stone Slinger™ material placement system, the OS7 system is a self-contained package of Stone Slinger™ components, designed to remain onsite all day to complete high-volume projects. With its remote-controlled all-terrain hydrostatic drive for repositioning, the OS7 is able to place up to 1800 tons of gravel, sand or stone in a single 8-hour shift.