Custom Stone Slinger™ Systems

The Stone Slinger™ ongoing record of innovation is driven by the unique needs of our customers. Our engineering and design staff is always open to helping customers solve problems in the field with better ideas for Stone Slinger™ productivity and safety.

Here are just of few of the recent features our staff has developed to meet unique customer needs.


Creep Mode

A hydrostatic drive with Can-Bus controls allows operators to maneuver their Stone Slinger™ by remote control, saving time and improving safety on the job site.

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High Capacity

To help a landscaper maximize loads of light wood fiber and mulch, W.K. Dahms designed a custom Stone Slinger™ box providing 40 yards of cubic capacity.

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Front Discharge

W.K. Dahms reversed the normal conveyor path on a tracked carrier so it could feed related equipment in motion in a trench-filling operation.

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Seeder Attachment

An off-the-shelf unit is integrated into the conveyor controls to mix seed into soil at controlled rates as it is discharged from the Stone Slinger™ system.

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Chassis Layout & Weight Analysis Service

Although we offer 5 standard models, through our chassis and Stone Slinger™ selection process, we can modify our drawings and fabricating process to meet customer requirements. Whether it is a 40 cu. Yd. or trailerized solution, our engineering tools give us that ability.

Find more unique Stone Slinger™ applications in our Photo Gallery.