Ultra Stone Slinger™ XL 16 Specifications

Recommended Chassis:

  • Heavy construction chassis
  • 20,000 lb. front /
    46,000 lb. rears

Consult distributor and truck dealer for specifications and auxiliary axle requirements specific to your state or provincial regulations.

Cab to Axle Requirement:
144” – 200”

Dependent on state or provincial regulations.

Capacity Top of Steel: 15.5 cu/yd

Capacity Top of White Oak: 18.07 cu/yd
Net Weight: 9200 lbs. / 9400 lbs. / 4273 kg

Basic Body Dimension:
Body (LxWxH) 8’6” x 16’ x 6’-7 1⁄2”

  • Plus 6” White Oak box extensions
  • Plus 12” Arched Tarp system

Overall Height on the chassis with extensions and tarp: 8’-1 1⁄2”

Overall Length with conveyor parked on fender: 24’6

Under Body Apron Conveyor:

  • 26” wide pintle chain assembly
  • 330 PIW belting mechanically fastened to cross slats
  • 22” Effective belt exposure between skirting
  • Engineered to carry full capacity in transit
  • Variable speed hydraulic/planetary gear box drive

High Speed Boom Conveyor:

  • 14” x 19’ c/w 35° troughed idlers
  • Endless hot vulcanized chevron belt
  • Rubber-clad drive roll
  • Variable speed (0-3700 ft/min) hydraulic motor drive
  • Full hydraulic lift, swing and rotate
  • Left or right conveyor parking for travel

Control Systems:

Full manual valve control from an elevated work station, with 3 function boom maneuverability at ground level.

Full manual valve control from an elevated work station, with full controls at ground level.

Hetronic™ BMSII Proportional Radio Remote Control of all functions including engine throttle.

Pump / P.T.O.:

Tandem, Cast Iron, 3000 psi Bushing Bearing Gear Pump direct mount to air shift power take off.

Oil Cooler:

2 – High Efficiency, Light Weight, 12VDC, Thermostat-Controlled Dual Fan Air-Oil Heat Exchangers.


  • Standard Hydraulic “Power Drive”
  • Optional Second Friction Drive

Standard Features:

  • 1⁄4” Grey HMW Polyliner
  • Electronic Engine Throttle Control
  • Hydraulic Vibrator
  • Manually Operated Arched Mesh Tarp System
  • Lighting
  • Fenders
  • Mud Flaps


  • Dual Location Control (Manual Valves)
  • 12VDC Power Tarp Drive System
  • 18” Arched Tarp
  • Vinyl Tarp vs. Mesh (12” or 18”)
  • Aero 575 12VDC Powered Flip Mesh Tarp System
  • Custom Color Paint (Non-Metallic)
  • LED Lighting Package
  • Pneumatic Swing-Out Platform (Radio Valves)

For more information on the Ultra Stone Slinger XL 16, please click here.


The Ultra Stone Slinger™ puts dirt, mulch, topsoil, screening aggregates and sand precisely where it is needed.

Operator uses a remote control operated Stone Slinger™ to fill in a buried cable in a trench.